7 August 2014

New DADALA's Album. "Everything Got Something.."

"Everything Got Something Wrong With It" is the latest LP released by Dadala !
Roger "erocnet" Sundström and I have contributed on this one.
It's my first collaboration with this U.S surreal hybrid music ensemble and I'm very happy with the result ! Be curious, listen to it ! it's free !!!

Free download album (13 tracks) + line-up and recording details at dadalamusic.com.

8 July 2014

Nos Namajs Trio + Ed Williams @ Asile404, Marseille.

Rendez-vous samedi 12 juillet, 21h00 à l'Asile 404, 135 rue d'Aubagne, Marseille (13006),
pour une nouvelle session live du trio Nos Namajs, rejoint pour l'occasion par Edward Williams (U.K) et sa guitare. Au programme, des improvisations "animistes et animées" autour d'un thème-prétexte : le chamanisme.   Prix et Entrée Libre...

6 July 2014

Interview with CWI (Amsterdam)

Interview with Andrew Webb and Chen Wang, researchers at CWI in Amsterdam working on new ways to communicate audience engagement to performers in distributed performances where the audience and performers are not in the same physical location. 
( CWI is the national research institute for mathematics and computer science in the Netherlands. http://www.cwi.nl/ )

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